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Today, personal loans are among the most widespread categories and requests for funding. But what is it about? Unfinished personal loans are generally loans that are granted to a natural person, and that do not require any reasons . Unlike the finalized loans, therefore, those that are not finalized are granted without having to explain the reason why the money is requested.


 Findomestic offers a wide range of personal loans designed for the most varied needs of those who request them. Findomestic personal loans are divided according to the type of loan that is requested, such as for the purchase of cars, furniture, appliances, for the holidays, for health and wellness, for school, studies and masters and so on. Everyone can find the personal loan for themselves and their needs.

In general, Findomestic personal loans are granted for amounts ranging from a minimum of one thousand euros up to a maximum of 60 thousand euros , while the installments are personalized, as is the amortization plan, according to the client’s needs.

To be able to request Findomestic personal loans, you must be an Italian citizen or a foreigner but a regular citizen with a residence permit; must be aged between 18 and 75; have a demonstrable income, and be resident on the Italian territory. Findomestic checks all the documents that are brought, namely identity card, social security number, pay slip or pension, and then credits the money to the current account by bank transfer.


Findomestic Personal Loans are 100% disbursed and do not require advance payments from the customer . Before subscribing to Findomestic personal loans, it is possible to make a comparison of the offers and products of the Findomestic bank, and then get a quote without obligation on the basis of which then choose your type of loan.

The operator’s advice for Findomestic Personal Loans is always free, customized according to customer needs. Some Findomestic personal loans are designed for small numbers and for those who want a fast loan directly via the web: the Web Special, for example, is designed precisely for those who want an amount between one thousand and 30 thousand euros with the possibility of using installment exchange and installment payments , and is intended for persons residing in Italy between 18 and 75 years of age.

Furthermore you must be the holder of a current account (on which Findomestic will carry out the credit and then the payment of the installments for the repayment of the plan) and have a demonstrable income.

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