Accumulation of Promotions in Payday Loan- Earn Up to Loans


There has not been such accumulation yet. Bank BZ WBK has three promotions at the moment, thanks to which you can earn up to PLN 400 . Importantly, these promotions are not mutually exclusive and we can use all three. Let’s analyze what we have to do to get the money mentioned before.


Recommend a bank – a promotion for which we will get PLN 50.

Recommend a bank – a promotion for which we will get PLN 50.


This promotion can be used until December 3. We can get 50 PLN thanks to it. Anyone who does not have an account with BZ WBK at the time the promotion starts, ie on March 15, 2017, can take advantage of the offer. We should also be recommended by another person. In addition, we must:


open an account with a payment card via a dedicated application at

in the said application, we must provide the Referrer Code,

agree to the processing of our data for marketing purposes, as well as to obtain commercial information from the bank electronically,

make card payments for a total of 200 PLN.



For all of the above-mentioned activities, we have until the end of the month following the month in which we submitted the application.

If we already have the aforementioned account in BZ WBK bank, we can recommend this bank to other people, thanks to which we will receive PLN 100 for each person who opens an account in this bank.


Actively with the Payday Loans- a promotion for which we can get up to PLN 150

We can use this promotion until June 30, and may be joined by people who have not been in this bank for at least one year. To join the promotion, we must:

open a Worthy Orders account with a payment card and BZWBK24 services,

express all marketing consents and what is important, we can not cancel them until the end of the promotional campaign

After fulfilling these conditions, the bank will transfer us PLN 30 for a further 5 months (PLN 150 in total) if:


our account in a given month will have a remuneration of minimum PLN 1000,

We will make a minimum of five non-cash transactions or contactless payments with a mobile debit card or BLIK payment.

PLN 200 for Good Morning – promotion for making a credit card

PLN 200 for Good Morning – promotion for making a credit card


This promotion lasts until July 31, 2017. The prize is divided into two parts. To get PLN 150, the first part of the prize, we must:

open an Account Worth Recommending and agree to all marketing activities of the bank,

in the month of opening the account or in the next month, apply for a credit card (this card must be granted to us),

in the month in which the card was issued to us or in three consecutive calendar months, make a minimum of 5 non-cash transactions issued with a credit card.



In addition, in order to get the bonus, in the last 12 months before the date of submitting the application, we can not hold any account with BZ WBK bank, and within 6 months before issuing the credit card, we have not closed another card with this bank.


In order to receive an extra PLN 50 for this promotion, we must make at least one Mobile Credit Card payment in the month in which the card was issued or in three consecutive calendar months.


Now a little about the fees associated with the account or credit card. At the moment, Konto Godne Poleceni is a free account. For issuing a Visa SOL debit card, the bank charges PLN 4, but it is enough that we make five non-cash payments a month and we are released from the fee.


Credit card costs depend on the type of card we choose. For example, a silver card costs PLN 90 annually. But it’s enough that we make a minimum of five transactions in the first three months and we will be released from this fee.


Bank BZ WBK quite often offers various types of promotions for new and regular customers. Of the aforementioned, we can use either “cumulation” or only with some. It is certainly an offer worthy of interest, because we do not have to meet very demanding conditions, so that additional cash will appear on our account.

Fast Payday Loans Without Fees

We live at a faster and faster pace, which is why our decisions often have to be adjusted at this pace. Unexpected expenses that require very fast regulation cause that we are looking for money outside of our capabilities on the personal account. Then, fast loans come in handy – no payday loans, which are provided by non-bank institutions even within 15 minutes from the moment of submitting the application. Their biggest advantage is that you do not have to show special income certificates often. They are distinguished by the fact that we borrow a small sum of money up to 3.5 thousand zlotys, for a short period of time usually not exceeding 30 days. If we really care about the quick impact of borrowed money on the account, it is best to avoid applying on Friday evening. Because depending on the bank in which we hold a personal account, the money can actually be found on Friday evening, but can also be booked only on Monday morning. And from the moment of transferring money, the repayment period of a quick loan is already calculated.

Comparison of quick loans – A summary of payday loans without bases even in 15 minutes

Comparison of quick loans - A summary of payday loans without bases even in 15 minutes

  • All loans
  • Loan for free
  • Loan on the Internet
  • Loan without certificates
  • Quick loan
  • SMS loan
  • Loan for evidence
  • A loan for indebted people

A comparison of companies providing payday online at 0%. All loans – payday loans are available on the same day in the 0% promotion for new borrowers. Quick loans – the whole process of getting a payday loan is very simple and quick, you can still have money on your account the same day. If you have an unforeseen expense and need fast money then a quick loan is just for you. The minimum of formalities and the speed of implementation of the application, all over the Internet are the main advantages of this form of loan.

Ranking – a list of the most profitable quick payday loans

Ranking - a list of the most profitable quick payday loans

Form of a loan in a non-banking institution. It is characterized by a very high interest rate. The borrower should know the value of the APRC, ie the actual annual interest rate, which includes interest, commissions and other fees. Non-bank loans are a form of loan characterized by a high interest rate.

Participated by institutes that are not banks in most cases up to a maximum of 30 days. Above this period, it is not worth applying for this form of loan, as repayment of such an expensive loan may not be possible.

This type of loan is only valid for a short period of time, eg 5 days, 20 days. Loans from non-bank institutions are colloquially called returnees, because they are granted “for a moment”.

The biggest advantages of such loans are the speed of getting a loan, the lack of unnecessary formalities, where the verification and acceptance process can be approved online in full online.

If you have a sudden expense and need a loan and you do not have time to fill in banking documents and wait, this form of loan can be useful.

Online loans usually require simple verification in the form of transfer of 1 grosz to the lender’s account. Thanks to this, the lender has more certainty that he / she is dealing with a person who is aware and can give a loan after presenting only the ID card. Such loans are the most expensive because the lender is burdened with the highest risk. Without verification of the credit history and any information about the borrower, this is a high risk investment for the loan company. Hence, such cosmic prices.

Loans without proofs are expensive, it is not doubtful, however, there is another form of loan for indebted people. Here, the APY is so cosmic that the head is small. People taking such a loan are already indebted and aware of their debts. Often they already have bailiffs’ activities and the lender has a very small chance of recovering money, not mentioning to make money on such a client. Of course, there are exceptions, because a person in debt can play a dart and win a whip and will then be able to pay off the debts and loans.

Not all companies, however, have a very large APY and offer loans to people with bad credit history. The largest internet loan companies check the bik, big and krd bases to check whether a potential client is able to pay back the loan. It is a very nice solution, because they can then offer decent conditions for granting a loan, in which case this form of loan is profitable.

There are currently several companies on the Polish market that offer the first loan for free. There are no breaks, these loans are for free only we have to stick to repayment terms. For example, we are borrowing PLN 1000 for 30 days, it’s worth checking the regulations and checking that the lender has 100% to 30 days on his account, because they may have provisions in the regulations on late payment. Non-bank loans are for people, especially those that offer the first loan for free and are worth using. The rest of the offers should be reviewed in terms of the total cost of the loan because the differences in different companies are large and you can save a lot.

How to Make Money on a Credit Card – Financial Portal

Since we have only been able to apply for credit cards in our country, they are very popular. Today, more and more people have “plastic money” in their portfolios and, as statistics show, the number of credit cards among Poles is constantly growing. However, many people still think that this is a very expensive loan product that can lead to our domestic budget being ruined. Are they right? After all, any loan or loan taken irresponsibly may lead to bankruptcy. It may also contribute to a credit card. But if we use it in a thoughtful way, it is not enough that we will not lose, but we will be able to earn it. How to do it? We will suggest in this text.

How a credit card works

How a credit card works

A credit card is a credit product, so we need to meet a number of conditions to get it. This applies to creditworthiness, credit history, etc. If our credit card application has been approved, we will get a card that is virtually nothing different from the debit card that is assigned to our account. However, to use a credit card, we do not need to have a bank account because we do not use your money. The bank grants us a limit on the card to which we can debit. Using the card, we can choose money from an ATM or pay for it in stores at home or online stores. Every month, the bank sends us an excerpt from the transactions and tells us how much we have to pay back. Of course, we can pay off more, which will make us able to use the card again, because part of our limit will be “unlocked”.

Earn money on the interest-free period

Earn money on the interest-free period

The first way by which we can make money on the card is the so-called “Interest-free period”. Every bank probably offers it, although it is not the same in every case. Usually, it ranges from 52 to 57 days, although these numbers may change. What is the interest-free period? This is the time given to us by the bank, during which interest is not accrued on the money we borrowed from the bank. But to avoid paying interest, we have to meet several conditions. First of all, our card must be used for non-cash transactions. So we can pay for purchases in stationary or online stores. The second condition is the repayment of all debt during the interest-free period. So how can we make money on the interest-free period? We can keep our money on our savings account or deposit, and pay for the money “borrowed” from the bank for shopping. As you know deposits or savings account are interest-bearing and bring us some profit. And this profit is just our income on the card.

Cards with cashback

Cards with cashback

More and more banks give us the opportunity to apply for credit cards with cashback. Thanks to this, we can obtain partial refunds for our purchases. Sometimes they are refunds for all purchases, sometimes only for a given assortment (fuel, medicines). This money is usually charged once a month and is credited to our account. Another option is to collect points for purchases made using the shopping card. Then we can exchange them for material prizes, airline tickets, etc.

How not to waste on a credit card


However, we must remember that in order to make money on the card, we must use it properly. First of all, we must remember that the “loan” is usually very high interest. Therefore, if we use ATM cash to choose from it, or if we do not use the interest-free period properly, we can pay high interest for using it. It is also very important to actively use the card. If we do not do this, the bank may charge us for having “plastic”. The same will be the case when we will make transfers from your credit card. Usually, it will involve a few percent charge plus high interest rates.

Using a credit card in a “reasonable” way, we can take advantage of it a lot. Therefore, let us not be afraid to apply for it and use it to earn money from it.