Non-bank Loans Without Certificates – What Is A Loan And A Loan?

.If you want to take a loan from a bank, you can be sure that your earnings certificate is among the documents that you will need to provide. In the case of payday loans, which are given by so-called parabanks, this is not so obvious. The vast majority of loan companies do not expect their clients to present an income certificate. This is a very good solution because it allows you to take out a loan for those who work black or have a junk contract and are not able to document all their income. No need to provide such a certificate also saves a lot of time.

Good chance of getting a loan from a bank


Payday loans are a good solution for anyone in need of quick cash and at the same time not having a good chance of getting a loan from a bank. Payday loans are associated – and this is the correct association – with a quick credit decision and formalities limited to a minimum. However, many people ask what lending companies can accept when it comes to potential client income.

The vast majority of lenders do not expect a certificate to confirm income. The only document you need to grant a payday payday is your ID card. On the other hand, there are often questions regarding monthly income in the application for payday pay. When completing such an application, you really need to think carefully about all the sources of income that occur in our case. It is not only about the remuneration for work, but also the profit we get from renting an apartment and the maintenance received every month. However, it is not worth including information that is not true in the application. It must be remembered that we have to return the money borrowed to us within the time limit specified in the contract. If the amount you intend to borrow seems too high, we must take into account that the parabank may require us to document income. Often, however, it is enough to provide an account statement for the last few months.

How to take a quick loan?


Payday loans are instant loans that are provided by so-called parabanks. Currently, such companies can be found in virtually every city. They are very popular, among others, because the formalities that must be completed when taking payday loans have been kept to a minimum. Therefore, the question arises as to what documents are needed to make you think about borrowing money from a parabank.

Lending companies include those that expect a client to provide a bank statement for the last few months. This statement is an alternative to your earnings certificate. The statement confirms confirms regular account receipts. It also shows how high our monthly expenses are.

While the ID card is always a required document, only some lenders require a certificate of employment and income. It is usually the case that people who take out payday loans do not need to submit any documents other than an identity document. This significantly shortens the procedure for applying for a loan, and at the same time makes it available to people employed in black.

A significant proportion of people deciding to pay for a payday loan are looking for a loan to get which you do not need anything except an ID card. It turns out that among the so-called parabanks, there are plenty of companies that actually borrow money only on presentation of their ID card. This document confirms personal data and citizenship, i.e. information without which it is not possible to grant a loan. It should be added that today more and more companies allow the possibility of granting loans via the Internet. In this case, you do not even need to appear in the branch of the company to present your ID card. Just scan it and then send it by email.

Where Loan Ability?

In the case of a debt loop, it is important to avoid borrowing more loans and credits. They will be of no avail. Instead, they will increase debt and the number of creditors. That is why it is much better to negotiate with creditors who are already in debt. With a bit of willingness on their part, they will be able to work out a repayment schedule so that they can gradually reduce their debt.

In any case, the solution worth choosing is to try to negotiate with your creditors. It must be remembered that they do not have to bring the expected effect, but they are definitely a better solution than waiting for the case to be in court and a bailiff knocking at our door. When starting negotiations, there are a few rules to keep in mind. First of all, never take a claim attitude, raising expectations of cancellation of debt. However, it is worth presenting your life situation and explaining exactly why such serious financial problems occurred. You should also think about the amount that you can pay monthly for the debt.

Spiral of debt

If we have fallen into a spiral of debt, we need to check the issues related to debt aging very carefully. It may happen that we have a bit of luck and it turns out that our debt has expired. In this situation, there is no question of paying off the debt. It must be remembered that the claim is time-barred after ten years, and interest after three years.

Borrowing without hesitation can lead to very serious financial problems. It can lead to falling into a so-called debt loop, from which it turns out to be more difficult than it might seem. Below are a few tips on what to do if present in Polish law. However, it should be remembered that the declaration of consumer bankruptcy is a court proceeding. It is possible only when there are strictly defined premises.

How to Make Money on a Credit Card – Financial Portal

Since we have only been able to apply for credit cards in our country, they are very popular. Today, more and more people have “plastic money” in their portfolios and, as statistics show, the number of credit cards among Poles is constantly growing. However, many people still think that this is a very expensive loan product that can lead to our domestic budget being ruined. Are they right? After all, any loan or loan taken irresponsibly may lead to bankruptcy. It may also contribute to a credit card. But if we use it in a thoughtful way, it is not enough that we will not lose, but we will be able to earn it. How to do it? We will suggest in this text.

How a credit card works

How a credit card works

A credit card is a credit product, so we need to meet a number of conditions to get it. This applies to creditworthiness, credit history, etc. If our credit card application has been approved, we will get a card that is virtually nothing different from the debit card that is assigned to our account. However, to use a credit card, we do not need to have a bank account because we do not use your money. The bank grants us a limit on the card to which we can debit. Using the card, we can choose money from an ATM or pay for it in stores at home or online stores. Every month, the bank sends us an excerpt from the transactions and tells us how much we have to pay back. Of course, we can pay off more, which will make us able to use the card again, because part of our limit will be “unlocked”.

Earn money on the interest-free period

Earn money on the interest-free period

The first way by which we can make money on the card is the so-called “Interest-free period”. Every bank probably offers it, although it is not the same in every case. Usually, it ranges from 52 to 57 days, although these numbers may change. What is the interest-free period? This is the time given to us by the bank, during which interest is not accrued on the money we borrowed from the bank. But to avoid paying interest, we have to meet several conditions. First of all, our card must be used for non-cash transactions. So we can pay for purchases in stationary or online stores. The second condition is the repayment of all debt during the interest-free period. So how can we make money on the interest-free period? We can keep our money on our savings account or deposit, and pay for the money “borrowed” from the bank for shopping. As you know deposits or savings account are interest-bearing and bring us some profit. And this profit is just our income on the card.

Cards with cashback

Cards with cashback

More and more banks give us the opportunity to apply for credit cards with cashback. Thanks to this, we can obtain partial refunds for our purchases. Sometimes they are refunds for all purchases, sometimes only for a given assortment (fuel, medicines). This money is usually charged once a month and is credited to our account. Another option is to collect points for purchases made using the shopping card. Then we can exchange them for material prizes, airline tickets, etc.

How not to waste on a credit card

However, we must remember that in order to make money on the card, we must use it properly. First of all, we must remember that the “loan” is usually very high interest. Therefore, if we use ATM cash to choose from it, or if we do not use the interest-free period properly, we can pay high interest for using it. It is also very important to actively use the card. If we do not do this, the bank may charge us for having “plastic”. The same will be the case when we will make transfers from your credit card. Usually, it will involve a few percent charge plus high interest rates.

Using a credit card in a “reasonable” way, we can take advantage of it a lot. Therefore, let us not be afraid to apply for it and use it to earn money from it.