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BNL, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro , has always offered many different solutions to realize customers’ dreams, whether it is buying a car, a university master, a marriage.

The offer is vast: there are fast, online loans for those in a hurry to get a sum of money, student loans, agency loans if you prefer to request financing directly from an operator. You can at any time simulate a loan estimate by calculating the financing rate directly online and thus obtaining a cost estimate for your BNL loan to understand which one is the best for your needs.

What are the best BNL personal loans?

What are the best BNL personal loans?

Let’s start with the ordinary BNL personal loan . This is a loan that provides for the payment of a sum of money to be repaid each month. The sum can be granted between 500 euros and 100 thousand euros , with a repayment plan duration ranging from a minimum of 6 months to 120 months. The BNL loan is personal and therefore there is no need to specify why it is requested, it can be obtained for many different purposes.

This loan can be granted to employees and also to self-employed and freelancers. The request must be made at the branch of the National Labor Bank to evaluate the best solution.

What are the guarantees for the BNL personal loan? First of all, if the payslip is not considered sufficient, the bank can ask for alternative guarantees, such as the surety, the pledge, the mortgage.

Instead the characteristics of the loan are the fixed rate, therefore the installment will always remain the same, bound, for the entire duration of the loan. So if you don’t want the installment to undergo changes linked to the financial market trend, this is the safe installment.

Furthermore, the BNL personal loan is modulated based on the client’s needs. For example, if the customer needs to request the suspension of the installments , he can ask for a maximum of three times a year, and in any case not more than nine times in total during the duration of the ordinary personal loan repayment plan.

The loan is then extended based on the months for which the suspension of the installment was requested. If you want, you can subscribe to an optional policy that covers the credit where, for example, job loss, accident, illness and similar situations should occur.

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